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Workstations and Servers

Hutchinson Computers is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality computer systems and components at the best possible prices with the service and support that you can count on.

Hutchinson Computers specializes in the building of computer systems engineered to our customers' specifications and needs. This allows our customers to select higher quality and better performing components than one would find in a store-bought "name-brand" computer. If you are looking for a simple home system or a network for your business, Hutchinson Computers can customize a system that will meet all your needs.

Future upgrades are much easier to deal with on a custom-built computer because the parts we use are fully industry standard. While many store-bought systems claim to be upgradeable, many times you have to go through the system's manufacturer to upgrade. This limits the user to specific manufacturer parts that may be higher priced or have limited availability.

100% System Customization.  Build it your way! When you design a custom system from scratch, you do so knowing that you have created a computer system that's just right for you. 100% customization is just what the name implies. Take total control over all the components that will be built into your computer system. Custom-built systems have far better life spans in the ever-changing computer market and are better suited for the future. Isn't it time you get a custom-built computer?