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Service & Warranty


We are a full-service computer repair company for business or personal use and can custom build any computer, server, or laptop to suite your needs. Our capabilities also include upgrading any computer model (Dell, HP, Acer, etc.), system diagnostics, repair work, and virus removal for local customers. We can troubleshoot all Windows operating systems.

Warranty Policy

Hutchinson Computer and Electronics Repair, Inc. provides a one-year (and on certain parts a three-year or five-year) Limited Warranty to customers on all new custom-built systems from date of invoice except software. This warranty covers parts and labor for the first year on the original operating system installation only. Warranty is limited to defective parts and parts that fail through normal use.  The warranty does not cover software incompatibilities, acquired viruses, or repairs or modifications made by anyone other than Hutchinson Computers. Hutchinson Computers can provide diagnostic service beyond the first year at the current hourly rate.  We also provide a 30-day warranty on any upgraded or repaired computer and a 30-day warranty on a used computer.

Hutchinson Computers will provide all warranty repair service for that one-year period on the original operating system installation only. We will provide support either in person or remotely for difficulties and malfunctions. Hutchinson Computers will make every effort to repair and/or replace any defective parts. Some parts may no longer be available due to the nature of this business and, in that case, we will replace the parts with one of comparable quality and cost. The customer is responsible for returning defective product(s) to Hutchinson Computers. Returned items must be in the original condition with all manuals, disks, manufacturers packaging, etc. Please do not write on the manufacturers original packaging or warranty may be voided.

Not Covered Under Warranty

This warranty does not cover any computer viruses, loss of business, profits, or other consequential damage, real or perceived, that may have resulted from any malfunction of the computer system nor does it cover any hardware or software installed by the user. The customer is responsible for paying shipping charges after 30 days on any and all non-functioning or inoperable internal computer parts and external peripherals including, but not limited to, defective hard drives, memory, motherboards, ROM drives, monitor, printer, scanner, etc., if the peripheral has to go back to the manufacturer due to a malfunction. Damage from flood, lightning strikes, earthquake, any other acts of God, mishandling, dropping, or infestation is not covered by this warranty. All warranties may be deemed void if Hutchinson Computers determines that the computer system has been damaged due to insufficient packaging during any return shipment. Hutchinson Computers reserves the right to determine whether alterations have been made, or damages caused, by such facts that would serve to void the terms of this warranty.  Hutchinson Computers cannot reload any software not originally loaded by Hutchinson Computers unless original disks and software licenses numbers are provided.